dlink dpr 1260 setup with Adtiontech router

Has anyone setup subject print wervier with the router successfully? The DHCP address for setup iand connection are not a problem. The net based software allows you to make setup on the unit and shows connection to the network when connnected to the router, however when the unit is disconneted from the router it is not accessible form laptop "My Network Places" in Win XP Pro as per the manufacturer insturctions. UPnP has been enabled so theroetically any device with those settings should work, however, this one doesnt. I got rom Ebay so it proabely was defective as I believe some models had defective ROM chip or was passord protected. I tried static IP addresses set to unit same as connected IP, gatteway settings and DNS server so the default of 192.168.xxx was changed to 192.168.7 which the router had at the ethernet connected wjhich would be the same wirelessly assigned by DHCP? In any event, this one can't be set up but I was just currious if anyone had been successfyl with this unit.