download link for cloud bundle-not viss
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I've been having troubble with my in home bundle (cloud, in home agent, dosnlaod manager, etc). I've deleted the componens, and am trying to re-download the necessary software (and yes, I'm authorized/paying for them). I've been bunbling through the my verizon page, with no success. I've spent an hour with verizon tech support, no luck. Does anyone have the download link? I'm alos using an addblocker, could this be affecting what I see?

BTW VISS is installed and wroking fine...

Re: download link for cloud bundle-not viss

I can only answer for the ad blocker. When downloading software it’s advisable to turn adware blockers or pop up blocking off, as well as antivirus software. It has been known to interfere 

now you state Verizon Internet Security Suite is functional. Which I believe uses McAfee which is terrible. I would disable that as well.

i know Verizon was stopping the cloud function on wireless however they may have stopped it for home use as well.

when you remove parts of installed software you can leave remnants of it which will not allow another install. You can search for a program that removes all of it, but be careful sometimes system files and folders are removed that should not be removed. In that case you would need to reinstall everything from scratch operating system, files, programs etc. it is a real pain.