dsl unavailable even though I have verizon telephone ?
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Confused,Im not sure I understand how I can have telephone service yet, they say the dsl isn't available, ? I just moved to this address and the neighbors have dsl with there phone service ,it is on there local bills. I called verizon but they seem clueless,?No help at all

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It doesn't always make sense...

I've been through the same thing myself - my neighbor across the street had DSL a year before one finally became available for me.

I'd suggest going to the T-1 shopper website and checking out what's available in your particular circumstances.


Good luck.

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If you just moved in and it happens to be a new residence, it's possible Verizon's database hasn't been updated to reflect the house as being there. It's also possible Verizon doesn't have any spare ports available on a DSLAM servicing your street. Either way, you can try getting Verizon Engineering to check into why you cannot get DSL. Often times if they see it as being available for sure, they can fix the database.