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So hypothetically lets say that i was banned on a video game. They banned my Ip address so everytime i create a new account it will be banned. I got in touch with verizon and they said that i have a dynamic Ip. I know the difference between static and dynamic. But my question is how do i go abouts changing my Ip so that i no longer get banned from the game when creating a new account. Also no its not a HWID problem.

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The IP changes under a couple circumstances, primarily when Verizon performs network maintenance that requires changing addresses. Router swaps and changing the router MAC address may also change it, but not a guarantee.

If this is truly a hypothetical situation, then my answer would be to just not get banned :). It would be rather inconsiderate to the next person who gets that IP to get banned from their game just because someone else got the IP banned. If this is a ban evasion request, then I insert the Game of Thrones Shame meme here and end my turn.