error loading yahoo game pages tried everything i know yahoo said its verizon
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when i try to open a yahoo game lobby i get the error im either behind a firewall not connected to net games server is down or stale page in my cache ive done everything i know to resolve this issue. nothing works i disabled my security software dumped my temp files and various other things. i sent yahoo an email and they told me

We're sorry you've had difficulty accessing Yahoo!. The error you
received is typically caused by unusual activity from either your
computer or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to Yahoo!. While this
type of problem is usually temporary, if you continue to experience this
error, we recommend that you try the following suggestions:

1. Contact your ISP and let them know you are experiencing connectivity
problems with Yahoo!. You may have difficulty accessing Yahoo! if we
detect unusual network traffic coming from your ISP. Only your ISP will
be able to address and resolve this abnormal activity.

uhm i feel like an idiot. as a last resort before calling and spending all that time on the phone i reset my router and went upgraded firmware and just did quick set up and voila fixed!!!!

IM A **bleep**!!

Re: error loading yahoo game pages tried everything i know yahoo said its verizon
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Hello yepthissucks,

I am glad you were able to resolve the issue by resetting the router and upgrading the firmware.



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