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I have FIOS and the way it's hooked up is there is a box outside the technician put. There is a wire coming in and going to my basement where the modem (I think it's modem, I have attached picture) is. The house was prewired so there is a cable going to the 2nd floor of the house where there is a CAT5E wall jack where i have ethernet cable plugged in and it's going to back of my Orbi Router. I am not using Verizon router. My basement is not finished yet and I am finishing now and was thinking to extend the cable and bring hard wire CAT6 cable to the A/V room where i will have receiver and other stuff so in future I can either bring my Router down from 2nd floor or put a new router for basement. 

I am not sure if Verizon will be able to come out and extend this wiring for me? So can the signal be split at the basement box (for which i attached the picture) so one can keep going upstairs to 2nd floor where cat5e wall jack is and i run another ethernet cable to my A/V room? 

Basement box 

wall jack where i have my router connected 

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Repeat after me: Fios does not use modems.  Fios use routers.  Your Orbi is your router.

The pictured Verizon box is the power supply for the ONT (optical network terminal.)  Do not mess with it.

Based on your description, the ONT is likely installed outside.  It is connected to the cable from the power supply.  It also connected to an Ethernet cable that provides WAN internet to your router.  It sounds like the Verizon installer made use of your already installed Ethernet cables to make the connection from the ONT to the router.

If you want additional Ethernet ports on your LAN, you need to connect them to your router.  If your router doesn't have enough ports, you need to add an Ethernet switch.  A 5 or 8 port unmanaged switch will do the job nicely; you can find lots for sale at your favorite electronics store (Amazon, Microcenter, ...)

If you want to move the location of devices or add Ethernet ports where you don't currently have them. you'll need to find your wiring center and figure out what's needed.  Verizon technicians are the wrong people to have do this work for  you.  They will charge you a lot of money and may not understand your wiring system.  If they install cables, they will be tacked to the outside of your walls - they don't fish cables inside walls.   If you can't figure this out yourself, find a home theater or network installer to do it for you.  Your basement contractor may know how to do this or have someone they work with, too.