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I have a quantum router that is connected to the ONT via ethernet.  the router is located in the basement.   

i have a smart TV and an Android streaming box on the first floor that gets poor WiFi reception.  I do have a coax connector behind the smart TV and android streaming box though.  

I also have a TV and Apple TV box on the second floor that also gets poor WiFi reception that also has a coax connector on the wall behind it.

Both coax connectors behind the TVs extend through the walls to the location of the router in the basement.

I found a couple cheap MOCA network extenders online.  

My question is this - can i connect a coax wire to the back of the quantum router to a splitter and then connect each of the coax wires leading to the TVs to the splitter and then connecting the MOCA network extenders to the coax lines behind the TVs and then connecting each TV via ethernet ports on the back of the extenders?

If I can use the splitter, is there a like a frequency range that i should look for for the splitters?  


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You have a few options:

1) You can do it as you stated

2) Verizon sells wifi extenders. You can use that on one or both floors

3) You can also add a moca adapter on one floor and connect a second router as a wifi extender as well.

You want a good quality splitter that works at at least 2GHz. Don't have to spend a ton of money, but don't buy the cheapest either. The ones you can get at most big box stores should work.