ftpmysite.verizon.net is not working anymore??

It wont let me log in, and there arent really no other ways to access the site.  what gives?

Re: ftpmysite.verizon.net is not working anymore??
Community Leader
Community Leader

FTP access to the web space was taken away by Verizon towards the end of August, per http://forums.verizon.com/t5/High-Speed-Internet-DSL-and-Dial/Personal-Verizon-Webspace-FTP-Process/...

There really is no way to get data TO the account. Downloading your site's data is possible, however that would require spidering your website, and it will only fetch content that is linked to on pages in your site. As far as deleting the site goes, that would be something to bring up with tech support. If you need FTP, you'll need to find hosting elsewhere or pay to get FTP access back I'm afraid.