how can I enable ipv6 on mac os x?


I don't even know if FIOS is supporting ipv6 yet -- can't seem to find the information on the forums etc.  Does anyone know if it is?  If so, do I need to point to a different DCHP host, or do manual setup?  If manual, how can I be assigned an ipv6 address?



Re: how can I enable ipv6 on mac os x?
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Just a note that I called tech support a week ago..... they do not recommend using IPV6 in my area yet. They are still doing server upgrades and router updates. I do not know if that applies to your location, though. It should still work, I know my Windows computers use IPV6 as a primary and IPV4 as a backup. They are working OK, but I cannot reach an IPV6 address like The firmware in my Verizon router is not IPV6 "aware", so that would be the main reason, and of course the firewall and security issues associated with the IPV6 protocol. It is still a work in progress.

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Re: how can I enable ipv6 on mac os x?
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Mac OS X is basically IPv6 ready. You can setup a IPv6 to IPv4 tunnel by following the instructions found at