i Would Like My Linksys Router to Be Primary

folks - i would like my Linksys router to be primary.   I have the 1100 Verizon FioS gateway because it connects to a cable connection (the optical port is in an unreachable part of the house, connects through the house on coax).  So i can't go around the 1100.  I just want to bridge the 1100 so it does the cable modem part, but then my EA8300 does everything else.  Ideally, i'd like to install a security appliance between the two as well.  So i really need to know how to bridge the 1100.

Anything ideas?  Is this possible?

Re: i Would Like My Linksys Router to Be Primary
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Community Leader

Not possible to make the Linksys primary without ethernet from ONT. The G1100 doesn’t have a bridge mode configuration like a modem does.

You can change the gateway address on either the G1100 or the Linksys but that will create a double NAT which will have an impact on VPNs, gaming, port forwarding and so on. 

You can also probably set up the Linksys in AP mode keeping the G1100 primary. That will eliminate the double NAT issue.