iPhone 5 LTE full service but no internet in ONE spot


I live in San Francisco, have an iPhone 5 and LTE service and I get great coverage all over the city: at home, at work, which in in a basement of a huge concrete building, and lots of other place. However, there is this one area of the city that happens to be a residential garage on 23rd at San Jose, where I work on motorcycles that I can absolutely NOT get any data service. It will SAY I have service, "LTE" three or four bars, same "service" reading as I get in all the other spots where I get connectivity, but in this one 100 foot radius, no service at ALL. It doesn't make any sense. If it would just say "No Service" ok maybe there's an enviornmental factor here, but it SAYS I have service, yet there is just no connectivity.

Can anyone advise if there is anything I can do or at least give me an idea of what is going wrong?

Thank you.

Re: iPhone 5 LTE full service but no internet in ONE spot
Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

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