installation - delays in running underground lines

I've seen other posts on this topic.  Verizon ran a temporary cable on top of my lawn in February because the ground was frozen and they couldn't bury the Fios cable.  3 months later and a half dozen chats and nothing has been done.  First they said they were sending someone to take care of it.  The tech showed up and said he couldn't do anything until another company buried the lines.  I said to him, "that's what I told customer service I needed and they sent you."  Then I had multiple chats and was told it would be done by X date.  Nothing each time.  I contacted chat again and this time I was told they don't own the cables so I'd have to contact the service company myself to have them buried (I was later told by a supervisor that this customer service agent was confused and thought I was talking about other cables, like electrical wires.  Not sure why, he had multiple tickets to look at to see the running history on this topic.).  Finally, I chatted with a supervisor this morning and was told it will be taken care of for good.  Fingers crossed, I've heard this story before.  I should mention that everytime I called to talk to an actual human I'd wait on hold for 30 minutes before hanging up, thus the chats again and again.  I'm pretty easy going but my frustration level is as high as it can go with the awful service and support.

Re: installation - delays in running underground lines
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