internet disconnects frequently
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It seems this is a rather common problem, so I won't explain. I'll just give my info.

Modem: Westell Model 7500

Down SpeedUp Speed

DSL Speed:1184Kbps448Kbps

Margin (dB):14.621.0

Line attenuation (dB):38.018.5

Transmit Power (dBm):15.48.6

Line Mode: ADSL_G.dmt

Data Path: FAST

Will provide anything else you need later. Just want to post this before disconnecting.

I would also add that I experience slow connections, down to about 0.1Mbps.

there is also a slight static in the phone lines. Yes, I have filters installed on the phones.

Re: internet disconnects frequently
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Your statistics look fine right now, but if you are having static, first try to shut your DSL modem off and listen for static again. If there is no static, then that says one thing about what the problem is. If there is still static on the line even while the DSL is disconnected, that says another.

Locate your NID next and connect a wired phone with a DSL filter into that jack. See if the Static is present at the NID, since this would rule out your home's wiring. If the Static is still Present, get Verizon out to repair it. You can call Voice Repair from another phone line or a cell phone so that they can detect the problem (cannot be done while your line is in use). If there is no static outside or inside while there is no DSL modem connected, try connecting the modem outside along with a Filtered Corded phone. if the static returns despite the filter, you would need to get DSL/Voice Repair out to see if there is anything wrong with the line that they can pick up which will also kill the DSL off. If they cannot find anything during times of static, give DSL Repair a call and see if they can find something wrong with the copper plant causing the DSL to create static on the line. Insist against a new modem or a speed decrease.