internet restrictions

I want to limit the amount of time a wireless user can use the internet in the house. I finally figured out how to get to my router control but don't remember my username and password. I tried my Verizon Home ID and password and it didn't work. I also can't find where to recover this info. When I get to the router page I assume you have to go to settings and then it says "For setting up the gatway" you have to log in. Can anyone help out?

Re: internet restrictions

Here are some great help articles.

It's not generally recommended to use parental controls from the router interface or at the router level.   But what might be better is if you use Open DNS instead.  It's a free service, but it is A LOT easier to use, and configure.

Parental controls that protect every Internet-connected device in your home, instantly

When you set up OpenDNS Home VIP on your router, every device in your home sharing your Internet connection gets protected. In addition to computers, this includes your kids’ Playstation, Wii, DS, Xbox, iPad, and even their iPhone. Learn More