is it possible to change dns on my router

I am using a westel 327w router..

I want to know if it is possible to change the dns address on this router.. if so .. can someone explain how..

also is it possible to run 2 routers of one dsl line both with different dns addresses..

I am trying out a new streaming service.. but they say i need to change my dns..

thanks in advance

Re: is it possible to change dns on my router
Community Leader
Community Leader

Yes, it is possible. See this guide Verizon has on how to do that:

My recommendation is to try Google DNS first. and are the IPs. Changing DNS should not break your Internet connection unless you enter the IP addresses wrong, or don't set valid DNS Servers. Once applying, make sure to reboot the router once to verify that all devices on your network get the new settings.

As for running two routers, yes it is possible. I would avoid that if at all possible.