isn't it ridiculous to drill a hole in my ceiling and floor on the 2nd level to install FIOS?

I was interested in switching internet service from Xfinity to Fios for a while. Coincidently, there were salespeople in my neighborhood to sell the service. So they visited, we discussed the details and was all ready to install the FIOS service. 

some background about my house: townhouse with garage above ground, and the living room is on the second floor above the garage. 

Today when the technicians stopped by to install the router, they told me they have to drill a hole through the garage ceiling to my living room on the second floor, and this is the only way to install the service? Otherwise, the wifi signal can be very weak on the 3 floors where the bedrooms are. 

a hole on the living room's hardwood floor? My question to FIOS is if your technology is not advanced enough to provide service without having user to worry about the house construction, why you even promote this immature service to the market?

I was also told by the technician that, if not drill a hole, I can buy single enhancement equipment at around $400 at my own cost, but it still might not work for the 3rd floor. Excuse me, why I have to spend the extra dollar on wifi not even work beyond 2 floors? to remind, my house is not big at all, not like I have a mention or something. 

if my current Xfinity can work for the entire house, what is your selling point of using FIOS that only works for 2 floors, and needs to drill something that may damage the house construction?

improve your technology to be ready for users to buy!

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When you have internet speeds more than 100 mbps then Verizon has to run ethernet wiring to the router. This is due to the limitations of the ONT. The ONT is the main unit they will be installing in the garage. It connects to the fiber optic cable from the street. Since the garage ceiling is finished the only way to do that would be to drill through the Living room floor into the garage and connect to the ONT. You could hire an electrician to wire the ethernet to the garage through the walls but it wouldn't be cheap. 

If you really want FiOS then just sign up for 100/100 mbps. It is $40 a month and you will be able to use the existing coax wiring and place the router in the Living room. Just tell the tech you want the service installed on MoCA because you don't want any holes drilled.