lost communication with internet

I am using Windows 8 and I lost my safari and Internet Explorer connections.  The following error message keeps appearing,"There was a problem communicating with the web proxy server (HTTP) CFURL ErrorDomain:360  How can I get back connected ??  My wireless priner connection ha been lost also

Re: lost communication with internet
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Community Leader

You might have had a piece of malware installed to your computer that changed your proxy settings. Please try this:

Open Start

Type: "Internet Options"

Select the Internet Options Control panel item from the list. 

Go to the Connections tab.

Select the LAN Settings button

Uncheck the boxes for "Use a proxy server" and "Automatically detect settings" and then click OK out of all the windows. 

If you can get online now, then awesome. I would STRONGLY recommend at this point downloading a copy of Malwarebytes from malwarebytes.org (the free version) and doing a full scan of your computer. Make sure you opt out of the free trial seen at the end of the Malwarebytes installer.