mi424-wr router issues

Today i came home and i wasnt connected to my wifi. My devices were all asking for the password. I typed it in correctly but it says that it is wrong. the power went out yesterday and i dont know if that had anything to do with it. i have reset my router and devices but i still cant connect. i am sure that i entered the password correctly. what should i do?

Re: mi424-wr router issues

double check what password it wants by going to www.verizon.com/repair     click retreive wifi settings.    

Re: mi424-wr router issues
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Hi Desert racoon,

We had the same problem recently following a couple power outages. I called and they suggested a hard reset, which is pressing the resessed button in back of the router for several seconds. All of your personalized settings will need to be re-entered.

This worked for a while but after yet another power outage, the hard reset no longer fixed anything and we had to run by the local store to swap ours for a new router.