no connection.
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I hooked up all of my equipment, waited until my activation date, plugged in the ethernet cord and I cannot get a connection.  My modem has green lights for power, dsl and an intermittent for the wi-fi but the internet green light won't go on.  I have tried the unplugging routine with the modem and computer to no avail.  Anyone have any suggestions?  thanks, frustratedx2

Re: no connection.
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The lack of a Green Internet light could mean two things: Either the line has not been fully provisioned, or the modem has not been set up correctly.

Give the modem a reset by holding down the reset button for 30 seconds. The modem will reboot and then perform an auto-configuration, and then reboot itself automatically. If the modem does not show a Green light within a few minutes of the reset for Internet, tell us what area you are located in, first of all.