problem connecting Verizon router M1424WR to desktop Mac
I recently opted to purchase the $99 router that Verizon has been advertising but have been unsuccessful in establishing a connection. None of the LAN ethernet lights turn on when the ethernet cable is appropriately attached. I spent a good 90 minutes on the phone yesterday with a most conscientious Verizon support person, but we ultimately could not solve the problem. My son's Mac laptop, when connected to this router by ethernet cable, works just fine. The Verizon support person suspected that there is something related to the DHCP lease on the desktop Mac that is not resolved with the automatic setting. She also advised me that they are not trained on Mac, so there might not be any further resolution they could offer. I would be grateful for any insight out there!!
Re: problem connecting Verizon router M1424WR to desktop Mac
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I'm not familiar with MACs but the following link may help.