"My Network" Not Showing All Devices

Clicking the "My Network" link, and following the "Show More..." link at the top of it, does not show me the complete list of devices actually connected to my network. I've got over 50 devices connected to it through various means (some hardwired, most wireless). Today, it became extremely apparent, as the Fios Quantum Gateway assigned a new IP address to a machine I had thought I'd set a static IP for, and when I went in to review the list of DHCP-assigned IP addresses, that PC did not appear in the list of connected devices, despite having verified that I was connected on the device itself.

This was also made apparent several months ago when attempting to configure schedules for internet access for my children's devices. Many times, I had to manually add the MAC addresses to the filter, despite that their devices were actively connected when I was attempting to configure the schedules.

Is there any plan to improve the data collection for this particularly expensive device, or am I just going to have to deal with the workarounds?

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