"Verizondrive", anyone?

Please bear with me, and thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer...

A few days ago I installed a new D-Link DSL-2750B wireless router. I work on a Mac, and the next time I opened my Finder window, I noticed something called "verizondrive" labelled "shared."

imageIt's in the left-hand column.When I clicked on "verizondrive," this was the result: 

image"Connection failed"?And when I clicked on the "connect as" button, this was the result:


After hunting around on my own without finding anything definitive, I made two separate phone calls to customer service. Neither rep could tell me what "verizondrive" was or why it was there. The second rep even took a look at my screen and called her manager in to see it. She said they'd never heard of this before. The best both reps could tell me was that I should just "ignore" it.

Uh, no. Not acceptable. 

That was a few days ago. Upon further reflection, I find it VERY difficult to believe Verizon has never fielded this question before, especially since they only offer a couple DSL routers.  In fact, during my initial look-around, I found a Forum question from 2012 about it.


So I have two questions for those of you reading this: 

1. Do you have a definitive answer for what "verizondrive" is?

2. Have you had the same conversation with Verizon about the issue, and what was the outcome?

I've gone from feeling vaguely irritable and frustrated post-customer service call to feeling irritable, frustrated, and suspicious. 

And Verizon, if by any chance you're reading this, would you please put me in touch with someone who can/will give me a straight answer?

Re: "Verizondrive", anyone?

The problem you mentioned, was it answered in 2012?

if not I would assume it’s a non issue.

sometimes information about the device or devices or even sites could be stored in the protected area of routers and modems. It’s an industry standard.

normally if their was a hardware or even software breakdown, or intrusion the information would probably be stored there. Non DSL routers have a log of actions which your issue is just that.

were you able to login via your Verizon credentials? I see it’s blank on the screen shot.

so as they said it is just something to ignore. It could have been a feature Verizon did not utilize.

Re: "Verizondrive", anyone?
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You're probably seeing a documented feature the D-Link router has which would allow for USB Hard drives to be connected to the router and shared across the network. What you're seeing here is an SMB file share being discovered on the network by a newly added device (probably your router). No idea if the USB Share feature is actually implemented on the Verizon version of the router, off of the top of my head.