"high speed internet"
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Unfortunately my area does not provide FIOS so I'm stuck with verizon's version of "high speed internet". I cannot believe that they actually have the audacity to cal this dsl crap high speed. Everyday I have to power the modem on and off for it to regain a signal. I wish we had never gotten direct tv as I had to get a new phone/internet provider which was this horrible verizon mess. When I call customer service, I always get someone from half way around the world in the Philippines or India.... what's a person have to do to contact someone in the good ole USA??? UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!

Re: "high speed internet"
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I am in the same dsl boat. Try doing an online chat with someone. The wait time is less. Plus, at the end of the conversation you can highlight the whole thing, then click copy and paste it into a word file to keep as a reference.