router problem

 System: OLD wirespeed router/modem combo unit with Ethernet connection to adjacent laptop running Win 7

Sometime ago I changed the DNS address on my computer to the Google DNS servers.

Tonight when I accessed my router at I logged in fine and could access

my profile settings (Vz supplied account ID and vz supplied Pw) but I am unable

to open the Status,Configuration, Troubleshooting, or Maintenance pages. Is this

related to the DNS settings or what else should I check out?

What are the default Vz DSL DNS pri and sec addresses?


Re: router problem
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I doubt it has anything to do  with DNS settings, the simplest workaround would be to reset the modem. Depending on what model you have .. Westell 6100 ???

1. logout of the router but leave it powered on

2. Press and hold the reset pinhole for approx 15 seconds then release

3. All settings should revert to "factory" then you will have to change the DNS severs and whatever custom settings you had.

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