simple question - very bad service :(

First the rant then the question if you even care to answer it. Spent over 20 minutes trying to get a sensible answer from the **bleep** at the chat session.  This is what you normally get when you are a HUGE greedy company trying to mazimaze profits at the expense of good service. They know they can get away with it on the individual level and dont care. This is not the first time I have had that bad experience.  HEY Verizon, AMERICANS need jobs. WHY NOT move the support center over here?   Well, what do you know. Bad managment, bad decisions, bad support.  If they knew what they were doing they would not waste money by putting a Verizon store on every block! Good companies, like APPLE dont have to beg customere to come in.

ALL  I want to know.   Verizon sent me a DSL modem. Inside are numerious settings and configurations.  I am technical and understand most of these and some generally.  ALL I want however, is the data usage, so I can relay it to another Verizon salesman where we were looking at wireless options.

Thats all. Do you think they could help me understand the send and receive counts?  NO. I was told NOBODY in verizon could help me with that question.  As much as i find that incredulous that is what he insisted, mr{edited for privacy}.  That was even after waiting 17 minutes to get to what I was told was an american on the west coast. So all told wasted almost 40 minutes. Wonderful.

Is that a byte count? a bit count. a packet count. what are the packet sizes. Anything would help.

The numbers were 21638651 send , 38217653 receive.  The uptime was 303 hours 13 minutes.  I am assuming/hoping, the counters were reset on power on and occur within the uptime. 

Re: simple question - very bad service :(
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Thanks for responding we  were glad to help.

Tonya D.