slow only in a few places

I have a new FIOS connection upgraded from DSL. I have: 1 laptop with XP and a wireless G card, 1 laptop with Vista and a wireless G card, and I have 1 wired desktop.

Anyway my problem is that on any of the systems the speed on facebook apps is slower than with DSL. I think I received an e-mail just before upgrading about port forwarding but I don't know if that is the problem let alone ow to do it.

The other issue I have is with the TV service randomly fuzzing out and the guide locks up. Not sure if thats connected to this so I'll post that in more detail elsewhere.

Any ideas?

Re: slow only in a few places
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Like your internet connection the Guide you see on the TV comes down thru your router.  When the guide locked was the router off?  Have you run any speed tests? or  you can log into your router and change the wifi channel to 11 to assist in not interfering with other transmissions in the air such as cordless phones.  In the address bar type in user name is admin and password or password1 for password.  choose wireless setting along top.  On left click Basic setings then you can change the chanell to 11 and click apply on bottom.