slower then paid for connection speed, need help solving problem

hi i was wondering if someone could help me figure out what the problem is with my connection speed, i am supposed to be getting  1120kbps download an 448k upload but im not getting them. i am downloading at 100 or lower kbps  an im not sure what my upload is as i havent uploaded much lately but im not to concerned about the upload for the moment. i am using the router (?) or modem(?) which ever you wanna call it model number 6100G. i only have 1 phone an it has the filter thing connected to it so i dont think that is the issue . well ill leave this post here an check back soon , if someone can give me some info to see what my problem might be id appricate it  🙂

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Hello paintballer01,

I sent you a private message to further assist you.


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If you are using DSL / Verizon cut all DSL SPEEDS BY 50% / They want you to purchase FIOS/ if you already have FIOS use the in-house  surport/ let them do a sharing/ they will fix it for youI