some downloads not working
I have a westell 220 and a linksys wrt110 router.  I'm having problems downloading from certain sites and itunes music.  I had verizon check the dsl, had linksys check the router, still have the problem.   I have 3 pc's on my home network, they all behave the same.  could it be a faulty modem?  I can move large files from pc to pc very fast, I can surf the net with no problem.  It's just downloading from the internet fails.
Re: some downloads not working
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Community Leader
#1 In your wrt110, go to Status -> Router.

That screen will look something like this

#2 In there is going to be more than one IP Address. This is perfectly normal.

Is one of those IPs the same external IP as shown at


#3 If not, is there any device between your westell and the linksys wrt110?

#4 If they match, good 🙂

Go to Status -> Local Network. What is the Starting IP and Ending IP?

#5 Go to Administration -> Management. Please make that:

a) UPnP is turned off in the router.

b) Remote control of the router is turned off.

#6 What is the OS and Version of your comptuer?

#7 What software firewall is on your computer?