stuttering internet - wired and wireless

I have been going back and forth customer service, and had replaced my router twice. ONT device once, and all the cables also replaced by the verizon in-person visits. It passes all arbitrary speed test, unless you test at the exact moment of the stuttering.

Yet my issue is the lack of constant internet connection.

Ive asked for a reference number to keep track of the ticket, but most help customer service team member keep sending me to another person, who does all the same scripted trouble shooting.

I.e. restart router,

Hard reset ONT.

Over the air "commands" that ultimately only restart the router.

Refresh the network.

But no way to get a ticket number for the stuttering internet that shows my problem has been occuring for months. Even though when i had less verizoninternet bandwith for the past years, having one desktop pc, one printer, and one xbox never need 1000down/1000up gigabit speed. Even when years ago i had 100up/100down i have slowly been told to keep increasing my bandwith to no benefit of stopping the internet stuttering.

Meaning even though i have increased the bandwidth multiple times. It hasnt solved my stuttering connection. It has been witnessed by the in-person verizon tech, during multiple visits. And after all their test, their only recommend solution to the stuttering internet is to upgrade my speed even though they know it is not the solution to the stuttering internet.

If there is a hierarchy, i have not managed to find a second level support or a manager, team leader etc.

Open tickets are marked as solved, and then when i go back for help i have to start the troubleshooting all over again for no reason. When they get to the end of the script, since I pass the speed test. And theres no constant connection test that my network fails. they just kick me to another person who starts the troubleshooting again of the script from the beginning.

Re: stuttering internet - wired and wireless
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Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking mostly with other customers here.  There are few friendly regulars here who may be able to help you diagnose the problem, but more details are needed as all we know is what you type.

To start with, please provide a definition of what you mean by "stuttering" and what you've observed on your devices.  Next, let us know if you see this on all your devices or just some.  And let us know how the devices are connected (WiFi or Ethernet.)  If the "stuttering" is on some devices, do they all use the same connection type?  And finally, let us know the model of router you're using and any settings you have tried to adjust.  Of course, if there are other details you think would be helpful for us to know, please share (again, we only know what you type here.)

If you're trying to escalate with Verizon, this isn't the best place.  Reach out to their social media support team by tweeting @verizonsupport or DM'ng them on their Facebook page.  But if you provide more details, I and some of the other regulars here may be able to help you figure out what's going on.