two actiontec mi424wr rev. 1 on coax at two sides of the house

I followed the post from the following link with suggestions from the first feedback to have two actiontec mi424wr rev. 1 on coax to distribute wifi in a house that only have coax running though the walls. The set up works well however the internet would stop every hour or so usually on exact hours(1:00 2:00 3:00 etc). If the primary or seconary router is turned off then on it would solve the problem. I'm wondering if there's anyone that's running a similar set up that doesn't have the same problem as I do?

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exact setup: ont->coax splitter-> primary router( dhcp server)


                                                          >seconary router( dhcp relay)

The post I followed:

The feedback that I followed:

Two changes to the above instructions: 1) I had to connect the coax to the remote router after assigning the remote router a new static IP address ( (step 2.4) before I could log back into the remote router settings page in my browser (under the new IP address 2) If you're trying to use the remote router as a wifi extender, complete step 2.6, but instead of selecting DISABLED In the IP ADDRESS DISTRIBUTION pull-down, select DHCP Relay. (Do not leave it in the default setting of DHCP Server.) Then set the SSID and channel as the instructions recommend. Thanks so much for this page! I now have LAN and WiFi internet upstairs where the WiFi signal used to cut in and out!