two dsl modems

can i use two dsl modems for my account

Re: two dsl modems
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#1 You can not have two DSL modems on the same phone number line.

#2 If you wanted to you could have two DSL modems, one for each phone number line.

For example for 000-000-0000 and for 000-000-0001.

Please note: Not vaild phone numbers, so don't even try to dail these.

#3 If I am not mistaken on Verizon Residential Service, you can't use two different modems with that account info in it.


#1 What problem/issue, are you trying to solve?

#2 What is the brand and model of your DSL modem?

#3 If you have more than one, like I do: Which one is connected to the phone line & power supply, and is turned on?