two issues
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1) When I run the Service Checkup it says I have Internet Connectivity Issues. When I click on Fix, it still says the same thing. If I rerun the health check, I again get the same message. I don't know what it is talking about because I have not noticed any such problems.

2) On my VCA, every time I go to play me voicemail messages I get a warning from my computer that the website wants to install an Active x program to play the voicemail messages. I click on install this Active X control for all users and the voicemail messages play. But the next time I go to this page I have to install it again. It does not seem to permanently install.

Any Ideas? Thanks.

Re: two issues
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Regarding Active X

  1. Launch Internet Explorer

  2. Click on Tools then select Internet Options...

  3. Click on the Security tab

  4. Under the heading Select a Web content zone to specify its security
    make sure the Internet icon is selected. If necessary, left
    click on it once to select it.

  5. Click on the Custom Level... button

  6. The Security Settings popup window will now appear, the first listing is ActiveX controls and plug-ins

Here you can make changes to enable your active X controls rather than being prompted each time if you chose.

Download Signed Activex Controls


Run Activex Controls


Script Activex controls marked safe for scripting


Click on Yes when asked Are you sure you want to change the security
settings for this zone?

Click Apply and ok