unable to log on to internet

i was unable to get to the internet and why when i play on my goggle chromo i keep getting error 105 i don't know why it keep saying it.  my internet explorer say the error 4 what that mean can someone help me please.

Re: unable to log on to internet

can you find your modem provided by verizon and look at the light labeled internet, is it green and flashing?

if it's green and flashing then do the following

let us know the results.  

Also sometimes a simple reboot to the pc and also the router, will fix this.  reset the router first, wait for the green internet light and reboot your pc.

also let us know if you are wireless or if you have a cable connected from your pc to the router, and where you plugged it in, 1, 2, 3, 4 or wan

Re: unable to log on to internet
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Another possible problem is that your computer fell victim to the DNSchanger virus.  If you only recently lost Internet, this is a distinct possibility.  There is a link to check to see if your PC is affected, but you obviously cannot get online to try.

I hope this is not the answer, as I have heard it is very difficult to correct.

This link explains the potential problem.