upgrade internet speed.
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hi i was wondering what the process was to upgrademy internet to a faster one. when i ordered the bundle they didnt tell me i was getting the slowest internet they have. im thinkin of droppin the phone line and just going with dsl for 45 a month or fios for the same price.

Re: upgrade internet speed.
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The process isn't exactly a process, more or less just doing it from the way I see it. You can upgrade your Internet package by either calling Verizon's Billing department at 1-800-VERIZON and asking them what else is available, or you can do it online via the Verizon.net Account Settings section.

Just be aware, with DSL Verizon may or may not sell you a higher speed for reasons such as your line is too long or you're on a remote, or perhaps the CO isn't upgraded for the higher speeds. If FiOS is available though, I'd definitely consider jumping onto that.
Re: upgrade internet speed.
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Verizon may also sell it to you, but you end up not getting some or all of the upgarde. Your DSL speed is the SLOWER of either the provisioned speed, or the highest speed your modem can successfully negotiate with the Central Office Equipment.  That depends upon both the lenght of the copper pair between your premises and the Central Office, and condition of the pair.

However given the choice between DSLand FiOS at the same price, that is no contest. FiOS wins hands down. FiOS isn't sensitive to the weather, the quality of the copper pair, length or anything else except the availability of power to run the Optical Network Termination (ONT). The Battery Backup unit on the ONT only provides power for telephone service, not Internet Service.