why should I NOT switch back to xfinity??

I have had Fios for almost 2 years and my contract ends in 4 months. I have not been wowed by the speed I usually get on my devices ... usually just a little faster with my 50/50 package than I had with my old comcast 25mbs package - although sometimes (rarely) much faster. I seem to experience a lot more problems staying connected to the internet than I had with comcast and now, comast is offering a 150mbs package for significantly less money than my 50mbs Fios package. On top of that, when I travel, there are comcast/xfinity hotspots all over the place and virtually no verizon hotspots.  I cannot see any point in continuing to pay verizon for an unreliable slower service when I can get a more reliable faster service - plus hotspots everyplace I go - for less $$.

Is there some value in Fios that I am overlooking??

Re: why should I NOT switch back to xfinity??

Unfortunately this is a help forum. It would seem you have the facts and should roll with them.

on the hotspot front I will say I had another cable service which was excellent even at 15/1 and constant or above speeds at all times, no down time and never had a issue that was not fixed almost immediately. However those do called hot spots were never available. But in your area they may work.

cable is offering 400/30 in my area as well as gigabyte at a higher price but it’s not asymmetrical.

i would just follow my gut instincts