Limited channels for bars and restaurants
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We have 6 restaurants, just added number 7 to the game.  We asked Verizon to mirror our account we have at one of other restaurants.  The only thing we have been able to receive at our new location is Local TV package, Current TV package and we just added regional sports which are not current sports but are mostly classic sports games from prehistoric times.  What has happened that you no longer offer what customers are most interested in?  After speaking with multiple agents, I have been informed that ESPN and a multitude of other channels are not available.  We have what is known as the Extreme Package (they are stating no longer offered to restaurants and bars) at our other locations and have been told if we make any changes, we will not be allowed to keep the current lineup.  I was given the option to cancel and provided an early termination fee if we decide to cancel our current subscription due to inaccurate information when adding new service.  Please tell me someone has given me the incorrect information.

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