2 issues not sure how theh are related...

I am having a heck of a time watching TV shows without them stopping and starting  as if the cable box is buffering, every few minutes, sometimes it looks like i spend more time doing this than actually watching the show. it is not related to anybone particular channel as it happens on all. i have even noticed it while watching something recorded onto the dvr and it happens on both tvs in the house.

second problem is volume of shows.  sometimes you can barely hear the show and i have to crank the volume of the tv all the way, then a few minutes later the volume goes back to normal and you have to lower it or your neighboor will hear what you are watching. again this happens on both tvs on all channels.

i have tried powering off and on the 2 boxes, i have even replaced the hdmi cables, just in case.

thia is just getting frustrating

Re: 2 issues not sure how theh are related...
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What model STBs do you have?