2 outputs from 6416 dvr
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My HDTV has PIP and I need 2 inputs into the tv. How do I get 2 outputs from my model 6416-2 DVR?


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Motorola STBs and DVRs (regardless of cable company) can only output one channel at a time.  There is no way to utilize PIP with just a STB or DVR.

If PiP is that important to you -- and I'm not sure why it would be, since the DVR can record two different channels simultaneously, and switch between paused programs on the fly -- then you can rent a second STB or DVR and connect it to a different input on your TV.  If your TV has a built-in QAM tuner, then you would have another option -- split the coax feed prior to entering the DVR and send one end of coax to the cable input on your TV; that should allow you to view local SD/HD channels in your PIP window.

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