5G not a good fit for my home. Cuts out and bad connection even after phone support contact.
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I called Support last night and the gentlemen said he checked my connection and my 5G Router Box was not in a good location. I asked "Do you know my house layout? Do you know where my 5G box is right now?" My box is right next the window and should be getting the full amount of MB/s speed but I am only getting half or less than half of the 300 MB/s everyone has been talking about. I cannot even use my firesticks in my house since i went full wireless. I shut off Century Link and that was a bad mistake, no internet, no streaming. I tried everything and nothing. I MIGHT just have to send the 5G Box back to Verizon and get Century Link Back. Yes i am connected to the 5G on my Firestick. But i need something and Verizon doesn't help they just look on their computer and tell you all is working properly. My Vent for today. Have a good one peeps and good luck!!!

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