ABC Shows on DVR not actually recorded but show they are
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This keeps happening, but only on shows that I have scheduled to record off the ABC HD channel.  (All other shows on other channels are recording fine).  It is also sporadic, in that sometimes shows are recorded fine, but other times they are not.  The shows show up as recorded in my DVD list, but when I try to play them, there is 1 second of blank, then that is it.  The info for the show shows the time that supposedly it is recorded for, but it is .... empty - the best way I can describe it.  All other channels are recording fine - this only happens on ABC.  Any thoughts/help appreciated.

Re: ABC Shows on DVR not actually recorded but show they are

Same thing is happening to me. I have set my DVR shows and some are on ABC and they are showing recorded but when I go back to play it shows blank and ends it?

please respond and give update please

Re: ABC and FOX network programs on DVR not actually recorded but show they are

Same thing happening to me, in DC area, intermittently and recurring on HD network channels for months.

If you search variations on the wording of this thread subject, it is RAMPANT. Poor connections between certain broadcast networks and Verizon. Verizon, please advise us and fix this. This is not our individual boxes. This has to do with the transmission between Verizon Fios and these networks' signals, according to a technician at the DC ABC affiliate WJLA.