AMC+ shown on guide, but not available?

I just got Verizon, and I'm already regretting it. AMC+ shows on the guide, but when you click to subscribe, it comes up "subscription failure". When I used the chat option, the agent tells me it's not available on Verizon, so I can't record shows, like I did on Xfinity. When I ask about cancelling, they switch me to a tech to teach me how to record streaming shows. After two hours of useless information, I'm finally told I can't record from my smart tv, and it's too late to talk to a customer service agent to cancel the service. But, I can schedule a callback, but not for two days. For the money, you get better service and options through Xfinity. You can stream directly from the cable box, you can see who's in the show and what else they've been in, more detailed info about what your watching, you can favorite an actor and it can tape everything they're in, and even tell you if their shows are available on steaming channels. Verizon offers nothing even close. I can't believe Verizon is so far behind the times, technology wise. Definitely not worth it. 

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