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I'm remediating some "interesting wiring on our "new" house, whhich includes a total kludge on the coax for the cable TV. We got the place because it has an attached office suite (kinda like a denist's office) and I've pulled two new 20A circuits, in addition to the one 15A that was there, for the space. There will be a a small computer room and three desks in the main room. The space has it's own 60A subpanel. (Used to run a hot tub.) For signal, the office space has four keystone plates, each with Red Cat6 / White Cat6 / Blue Cat6 / F-type Coax lines. Red's encrypted ethernet, White's four lines of phone, and Blue is Guest / Project Ethernet. I haven't patched anything to the Coax yet.

The residence end of the property is separated by a hallway / room and has one-off plates for phone jacks for cable, phone, etc. It's currently runnung wireless, and no work computers are allowed over there.

FIOS comes in from the pole to the ONT, breaks out on to the coax, goes back outside and into a 1.x 3 splitter. One split runs along the foundation bak towards 1,) the master bedroom suite, but it has been cut off. Two of the three splits run up the outside wall, into the attic, and down into 2.) the main living room, and 3.) the the office area. Soemewhere in the wall, or under the insulation, there is a connection to one of those attic feeds and another coax comes down, the center tap is cut flush with the dielectric, and the cable is terminated in a male grounding f connector. This connector's little green phillips head screw hangs on to a 4' length of green-clad #14 wire that is is screwed in to the earth grounding rod, keeping the servive entrance gorund company.

Just to put icing on mu cupcake, sometime in the past, probably after setlement and before move-in, this wall was stuccoed and paineted. The coax gear got lightly stuccoed and heavily painted. None of it is tied down, so, in a high wind, it flops about, banging the paint and stucco off the side of the house

My ideas: 1.) Bring all of this gear indoors. 2.) Mount a new, clean,1 x 2 splitter near the ONT and tie it in right there. (Since I only have two set-top boxes, I only need two feeds. If I move an STB, move the patch.)  3.) Ground the splitter witha separate grounding rod at least 8' away from the servive entrance grounding rod.



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Re: ANother Grounding Question
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The splitter does not need grounding.  Only the ONT requires grounding for FiOS.