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I live in an apartment building, and have contacted Verizon the past several years regarding my desire to receive FIOS TV service.  I already have Verizon telephone and internet service, and would like to receive FIOS' version of its triple-play package.  My apartment is wired for Comcast, and I have been informed that Verizon is prohibited from providing FIOS service in Comcast-wired apartment buildings due to a contractual agreement signed years ago.  I am hopeful that Verizon will soon develope and/or make available the technology to enable its apartment-dwelling customers like me to receive the full FIOS package.  Thank you for your consideration of my concerns.  Paul

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Just so you know, these forums are for peer-to-peer support among Verizon customers.  Nobody at Verizon will see your plea.

That said, the technology to deliver FiOS to apartment buildings exists today.  Without knowing exactly where you are, I can't say why you don't have it.  First of all, FiOS has to be available in your area.  If Verizon hasn't pulled fiber in your neighborhood, then that is the answer as to why you don't have it.

If FiOS is available in your area, the next question is legal.  Depending on the legal setup of the building you live in, different groups of people are involved in approving installation of FiOS.  For example, if you live in a condo building, the condo board would have to approve.  If it's a pure rental building, then the building's owner will need to approve.  Years ago, owners could cut deals with service providers to get a portion of the income generated.  It wasn't unusual for owners to grant exclusive access in return for a cut of revenue.  Sometimes owners will charge very large fees to access buildings for installation.

If you really want to understand why you don't have FiOS, you need to investigate the local laws and find out who makes the decisions for your building.  Assuming, of course, that there are FiOS fibers running nearby.

Good Luck.