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Our monthly bill is a significant percentage of our retirement income.  I just went through downsizing our channel package and I got what I requested. But I'm still not peased. I am stuck paying for hundreds of channels I don't want and never watch which is bad enough, but I am also no longer able to watch channels I want to watch. 

I am also displeased with the fact that I had a contract with you which was supposed be in force for two years.  This contract included Cinemax.   You arbitrarily removed Cinemax from my package with very little warning.  What does a contract mean to you?

I want the availability to remove individual channels from my package and add other non-premium channels.  I will at least be paying for things I want and not for things I don't.  I also want you to honor you side of the contract.  If you remove something without consultation, your fees should reflect the change (LOWER THE FEE).

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I'm in similar situation that I want a package that drops unwanted channels for channels I watch. It is especially aggravating that Verizon advertises "You're tired of paying for channels you never watch. That's why Verizon Fios offers Custom TV channel packages that fit real lifestyles. Pick from one of our Custom packages and get the types of channels you want. Stop paying for the ones you don't." yet it forces you to pay for channels you don't want and you cannot get the ones you want anyway.
For instance, BET channels should be optional and can be replaced with Game Show Network (GSN), BBC or other none premium channels.
The bill can be lowered by dropping all the Music Channels.
It seems that the only way to get the good channels, we are forced to pay for the higher end packages.
I don't know how the Entertainment Package does not include GSN since that is 100% an entertainment channel.
The alternative is to end my Verizon TV service so I can lower my TV bill to under $200.00 per month.
I need a package that has GSN, Hallmark, HGTV and A&E, with the Starz premium channels additional. I don't need BET, the Music Channels, any sports channels, shopping channels, business channels or religious channels. I need this package for under $200.00 per month INCLUDING all the taxes and fees.
It would help a great deal if we could check off the channels we are looking for and see what packages include them.
Since everything I have checked so for cost too much, it looks like I'm going to be forced dropping FIOS TV altogether. I can no longer afford the high pricing for channels I don't need let alone watch.

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Unfortunately, you will not find the option you are looking for with any providers.

You can reduce the number of channels you have, but all give you set packages.

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Two comments:

1) Content providers have a large say in what channels are available in what packages. Their contracts specify what channels are to be carried and what levels of package must have them. Content providers get paid for every subscriber to a channel regardless of viewership.

2) Verizon (and other cable providers) may drop channels to help offset the increased cost of another. That is why their contracts contain a clause that they can add and delete channels as they feel fit even if you are under contract.