Access to Live Sports apps on Samsung Tablet

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) WiFi GT-P5113 tablet.  It runs Android 4.2 and is WiFi only and therefore not on a Verizon plan (but it is connected to my FiOS home WiFi).  Until a few months ago I was able to watch live sports offerings via apps such as NFL Mobile, WatchESPN, NBCSports, etc after logging in to Verizon account (via those apps) to verify that my cable subscription gives me access to the content (which it does since I can access all on my smartphone).  But now when I attempt to login via these apps I get an error saying the website is unavailable and the url listed is very long.  Same error on all apps.  Therefore the apps cannot verify my Verizon subscription.  Is anyone else expreriencing a simialr issue?  I have removed and reloaded all the apps and even done a factory reset on the device.  I suspect the issue it either that my tablet's OS is no longer supported or that Verizon has stopped supporting devices not on one of their plans.  I've checked with ESPN and the other apps but no solution found.  Thanks for any assistance.

Re: Access to Live Sports apps on Samsung Tablet
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I have Galaxy S2 tab.

But I am on android 7.0.

Have you tried doing software update?

Quite possible OS that old is no longer supported.