Accidental On Demand Purchase

Back in September by 2 year purchased a movie from On Demand. We were shocked seeing as though we have a purchasing PIN setup. I tested the PIN and everything seemed to be working fine. I came to the conclusion that it was a fluke accident and she somehow randomly entered the correct PIN and was able to complete the purchase. As crazy as that sounds, that is the only explanation I could come up with at the time. 

Tonight it happened again. My wife just called me and told me that she was in the bedroom and the Set-top box was off and my daughter was playing with the remote. The TV was on so the screen saver was cycling through the movie ads. Next thing she knows Terminator: Dark Fate was purchased and playing. She has no idea how it happened and didn't see her make the purchase. 

There is no way this accidentally happens twice. There must be a bug or error that allows a movie to be purchased from the screen saver without the PIN. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or know what could have happened? I really don't want to be paying $20 every couple of months for crappy movies I have no intention of watching.

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Haven't seen any other posts on this.

So I set a purchase pin on my STB. I got up to the point where I thought I would purchase, and was never asked a pin. That was just going into On Demand directly.
Try contacting support and explain to them the issue you had.

might get a one time credit.