Add More Content To The Spanish Package
Specialist - Level 1

I thought that i would take this opportunity to make those of you at verizon who are not aware of what is in the spanish package aware of what a lot of those of us who are paying for it have to deal with. Let me first start with the channels that are in the package. The majority of it if not almost all of it is from one country which is mexico. Now while i have no problem watching some channels that are from that country after a while you can only see so many shows when they are all pretty much the same. From azteca america to mexicanal to estrella tv to latv to galavision to multimedios to millenio tv to once tv to canal 22 mexico these are just but some of the many channels that you have in your package that are all from one country where even the local channels from there are in your package. You even have seven movie channels in a row starting from channel 1680-1687 that have movies that are all from that same country where a lot of those movies are in black and white from at least 50 years ago. Then there are the many music channels from there from bandamax to teleritmo where the music that is on there is again all from the same country. Another thing in case you did not know it is that pretty much everything that is on univision, telemundo, telefutura and even cnn espanol is also from mexico so i can guarantee you that if that if you were seeking to appeal to that one group then i am pretty sure that you have. From news channels to movie channels to music channels that audience is pretty much covered with what you have to offer. Now if you can only seek to address the rest of the spanish speaking audience because everyone who speaks spanish is not from mexico. Canal sur peru, peru magico, latino america tv, tv venezeula, htv musica are just a few of the channels that you could add to diversify what is already a pretty much one sided package with content coming from primarily only one country. Time warner, cablevision, comcast, and direct tv are just a few of the providers that offer these channels especially canal sur peru which they all have as part of their spanish package. Now i know  that verizon is scheduled to be adding a lot of channels in spanish in january and hopefully some of these channels are part of that package but if they are not then i would strongly recommend that you add them especially a channel or two from peru along with latino america tv. Other problems that do exist with that package is that most of the channels in the spanish package do not match what the guide indicates that it should be so you should really look into that. Now i know that the guide is set to get a major overhaul in january where not only will you be making it bigger but you will also be trying to correct a lot of the glitches that are throwing off the guide but it is very frustrating when you are paying for a package that not only does not have the content that you would like but a lot of what is in that package does not match what the guide says that should be there in the first place.