Add OWN HD and other HD channels to Prime package
Enthusiast - Level 3

Since the Idea Exchange subforum is currently defunct and has not been restored, I'm posting this request here.

I receive OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network, channel 145) as part of my Prime package, but not the HD version (channel 645). Why is this?? Verizon claims they have many more HD channels than other providers, yet I receive many channels in SD only when their HD counterpart is available. I have had HDTVs since 2006 and I have no desire to watch programs in SD ever again, yet sadly I have no choice if I want to watch anything on OWN like Belief, a seven part documentary special that is airing this week.

If a channel is included in my Prime package, the HD version should also be included. That's how all other major cable providers operate. Thus, I am requesting that Verizon make OWN available in HD to users who receive it as part of their Prime HD package. Pivot and Sundance which are also included in my package and availabe as HD feeds should likewise be available as HD channels since FiOS carries the HD versions.