Additional DVR with Multi-Room DVR?

Hi. I currently have a multi-room DVR, but I would like to add a regular DVR for dedicated use with my Slingbox. With just the single DVR, when I travel and want to watch something recorded, no one else in the house would be able to watch the TV plugged into the DVR and Slingbox. A dedicated DVR in the basement for use with the Slingbox would solve this issue. 

Is this possible, or any other ideas? The one agent I spoke to kept pushing Quantum which doesn't solve my needs (yay marketing buzzwords), and I don't think she understood what I was trying to achieve. 

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Community Leader

Yes it would work.

But Quantum would work as well.

You would just have a dedicated IPC for your slingbox (just like you dedicated DVR).

Depending on deals and pricing, Quantum could be just as cheap as 2 DVRs with multi-DVR.

BTW, I believe with multi-DVR everyone will be able to watch content recorded on both DVRs.