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I have two TVs on my current FIOS service, one in my LR and one in my BR. Both have STBs. In my den, I have a coax going in to my Actiontek Cable Modem and then I have a CAT5 Ethernet going from the cable modem to my computer. I need a new monitor for my computer, but I began to think ... why not purchase a small TV instead and use it as a monitor via HDMI? But of course, that would not make sense unless I could use this new TV as a third TV to be able to watch the same channels I can get on my other two TVs.

So ... can I use a splitter to split the coax before it goes in to my Actiontek cable modem, and feed the new coax directly into the new smart TV? And if so, do I still require a STB for the new TV?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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If your new TV has a qam tuner, you can get local channels only.